We all abide by the prescribed activity of Spring Cleaning, but there is something so therapeutic when we clean up in fall.  It's the time of year we retreat inside...we drink hot tea and cider.  Colors change and the need for a soft warm blanket in the evenings is upon us.

It's typical that we clean up our outdoor spaces; raking leaves, chopping wood and trimming trees.  Why don't we give our interior the same facelift as our exterior?
Sometimes it is overwhelming, so let's tackle our projects together!

First, identify which room or rooms you hang out in most frequently.  Is it your family room, bedrooms or maybe kitchen?  I know my family congregates in our family room at the end of every day.  It is the most lived in space in our home.

When the seasons change, I begin with removing some of the lighter and breezier decor.  I put away my floral pillows in exchange for warm plaids.

I bring out warm blankets, draping it over my couch for not only a decorative accent, but chilly evenings.

I bring in a pail full of pine cones, kindling and wood; placing it next to the fireplace and I add fall scented candles to the space like cinnamon or cedar and spice. 

Finally, I love placing a tray on the coffee table with a fall themed vignette...it just brings the changing season indoors.

These easy changes can make a huge difference to your space, welcoming the season indoors.

Now, while you are busy making some changes to your space, I'll be preparing the next post...Fall Tablescapes!


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