Part 2 of...I moved in, now what?

Let's define style.  Most people think style is what's trendy, years ahead of anyone else, clothing or colors you see on the runway etc.
True style is the farthest thing from trendy.  It is anything that makes you feel good.  A color that evokes a sense of calm, a picture that takes you back to a happy time or a comfortable chair that beckons you to sit and read a book.
This is true style.  It's as individual as a snowflake and each person has their very own.

I get asked all the time, "how do I know my style"?   My response is always the same.  "What item(s) do you own that have traveled with you over the years.  Not out of necessity but because it's a part of you".

Look at your Pinterest boards, what is the consistent theme?  This is your style!

Begin allowing these items or themes to guide your purchases.  Arrange your belongings to reflect this style.  Beginning to surround yourself with what you love will transform your space into the refuge you dream of.  It will lend to your overall wellness; you and your family will begin to live in your space the way you were meant to! 
Take one step at a time, don't force it.  
It will happen organically if you let it.  
If you need guidance or help in taking that first step, Serene Spaces is always here to help! 


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