Help!  I just moved in, now what?

Moving can be a stressful experience, and sometimes it doesn't stop after moving day is over.  You're buried in boxes, it's time to return to work, and you don't know where to begin!

I get it, I've been let's look a few ways you can begin organizing and watching your home unfold around you.

  • Take some time to clean each room.  Moving brings in dirt, debris and kicks up dust.  You'll want a clean area to unpack into.
  • Move boxes into the rooms they belong.  Living room d├ęcor belongs in living room, etc. 
  • Choose to unpack one room at a time.  This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and exhausted.  The Kitchen is a great first step.  Having real dishes to eat dinner from makes us feel a little more attached to our new space.
  • Stand in your space and visualize how you will utilize it.  For example, when thinking about glassware, what cabinet do you naturally reach for? This will be the best area for your items and allow you to instantly feel organized.
  • Discard all moving boxes, packing material and tidy up the room you unpacked.  This will allow you to check this space off your mental to-do list.

Now sit back and relax...enjoy your new home!


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